How to delete data from a DVD and prepare it for a new recording?

To be able to overwrite the data on the DVD, you must have a DVD-ROM (DVD+RW format) installed on your computer. In modern laptops and computers of the latest configuration, as a rule, such DVD-ROMs are already included in the set of equipment.

There are two types of DVDs-with the possibility of rewriting (RW) and without it (R). In the first case, you can use the disc several times, deleting and again writing new data on it, in the second case, the information on the disk can be written only once. In our case we need DVD RW. Before you can write new information to a disk with existing data on it, you must delete the old data (format the disk). This can be done with the help of special software, or by own means of the operating system installed on the computer.

How to remove information from a DVD+RW or CD+RW

If you have Windows XP or earlier versions of the Windows operating system installed on your computer, it is best to use special software to format your DVD discs. For example, Nero Start Smart, which is one of the most popular among PC users. It allows not only to clean the disk from old information, but also to write new data to it. The program is very popular, because in addition to stable operation it has a very convenient and intuitive interface. You can download the Nero installation file for free from the Internet, and then install it on your PC by following the instructions of the installer. After that, it is best to restart the computer, then insert the desired disc into the DVD drive and use the shortcut on the desktop to start Nero Start Smart.

How to delete data from a DVD and prepare it for a new recording

In the main menu of the opened program window, find the "Advanced" function, click it with the mouse button. In response to this, a dialog box will open, in which you must click on "Erase DVD", thereby activating the "program Wizard". The wizard will display tips that you can use to clean up the disk from unnecessary information. After the disk is successfully formatted, a notification will appear on the monitor screen.

Use the built-in programs to clean up your disks

Operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7 have visual and stable built-in capabilities for formatting DVDs. After the system determines the disk installed in the drive, a dialog box will appear on the monitor screen, where you need to click the "Write files to disk" function. In the new window that opens, you need to select the disk name, then click On "show formatting options" to set the parameters for future writing to the disk. If the new information will consist of files of the same type (for example, movies or music), then you must select the option Mastered to the disk in the future well read equipment that plays these files. To collect different types of files on one disk, it is better to choose LFS. Having set the required parameter, click on the "Next" button. In response to this, the formatting process will start automatically and a message will appear on the monitor screen.

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