How to disable automatic operating system updates in Windows XP

In the Windows XP operating system immediately after installing it on the computer, the question of a virtual assistant is given: whether to turn off automatic system update or not. However, you can skip this step, and then this option remains enabled.
This option is in most cases on this system becomes unnecessary for users, so it is trying to turn off. Annoying notifications and unnecessary waste on the Internet – these are the most common complaints about the application, which, in fact, programmed to help. However, not everyone knows how to turn off the automatic updates system on Windows XP.

So how do you disable the update?

  • You need to click on the Start, then click on the menu on the inscription Control Panel.
  • In the classic view control Panel, you can find the auto update item among the controls and double-click to start the Item. If the control panel is displayed in the form of categories, then you need to click on the category "Security Center" and in the window that appears at the bottom to find the item "Automatic update". Click accordingly.
  • In the window that opens, you can see that automatic updates can be configured or turned off completely. If you do not want automatic updates at all, select "Disable automatic updates" and click Apply or OK.

If "Automatic (recommended)" is selected, the system will automatically download the latest updates and install them without notifying the user. This can affect the cost of Internet traffic. The second item in the list allows the system to download updates from the network at any time, but the installation of updates is provided to the user. The third point provides that the system will notify the user each time that it is required to download and install an update on the OS, and issue a window with buttons to select the refusal or agreement.
That's it!