How to find out the size of RAM on the computer?

The size of the RAM (RAM) of your computer is quite simple to learn using standard tools of the Windows operating system. It is enough to make a few simple steps. In this example all the steps are described on the example of the Windows 7. On other Windows operating systems (WindowsXP or Windows Vista), the steps are the same.

1. Step

You need to get to My computer via a shortcut on your desktop or via the Start button.

2. Step

At the top of the window, find the item System Properties, click on it and a new window will open, in this window find the tab System, and find the line Installed memory/RAM (this is the RAM).

In order to find out how much real RAM your computer is using at the moment, you need to do a few simple steps.

Press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE. On your screen you will see the window  "task Manager". Find the tab "Performance".

If you look at the element "Memory", you will see the actual memory used at the moment, the indicator changes depending on the quantity of running programs on your computer or e.g. the number of games, video.

At the bottom of the window a line is allocated. This is the amount of memory used in percentages.

Well, that's basically all you need to know about the amount of memory used on your computer. Thank you for reading.